Pole and Traffic Light Inspections

Stadium/Campus Lighting – Traffic Lighting – Street Lighting – Parking Lot & Area Lighting

Non-destructive testing of steel and aluminum poles. These preventative measures allow for failure analysis thereby avoiding damage to property and risk of injury – you can fix or replace problem poles before they become a liability – saving you time and money. Poles are inspected from top to bottom:

  • Pole Base: structural integrity of base, base thickness, cracking of welds, cover attachments.
  • Pole Shaft & Bracket Arms: rust, corrosion, dents, holes. Environmental corrosion, as water gets in or under crevices, or simply people running into poles leaving them structurally unsound.
  • Anchor Bolts & Bolts: cracked, loose, or corroded. Failure of any one bolt can cause higher stress in the other bolts leading to failure of the pole.

Whether you have one or hundred plus poles contact Matthew Sprader at 920-609-4602 to find out which of our four package deals will work for you!