Turbine Inspection

In the chemical, paper and power industries, turbines, whether power, line shaft, compressor or other types, need to shut down for routine maintenance. This maintenance consists of completely disassembling the entire turbine from the diaphragms to the stop valves. At that time the majority of the components are non-destructively inspected.

Since 1975, our organization has performed turbine inspections throughout the country. In recent years we have performed TPI (Third Party Inspection) on the manufacturing of new turbines. The insurance companies require that owners disassemble their turbines every 5 years.

Inspections Routinely Performed:

  • Fluorescent Magnetic Particle
  • Rotor, Diaphragms, Screen Baskets, Seal Housings, Upper Shell Seat, Lower Shell Seat, Valve Stems
  • Ultrasonic
  • Studs, Nuts, Bolts, Valve Stems, Babbitt Bearing Seats
  • Visible Dye Penetrant
  • Retaining Rings, Valves, Valve Seats

Other services:

  • Portable Positive Material Identification (Chemical Analysis)
  • Failure Analysis

We can perform a complete non-destructive inspection of your turbine at any field location. We will also furnish a complete report on all items inspected. Please give us a call before your next turbine inspection.